Yampadda-Tliph languages

languages spoken from the coast of the strait of Yampadda to the Tliph desert


Proto-Yampadda-Tliph script

The Proto-Yampadda-Tliph script is used to write the Proto-Yampadda-Tliph language and also the later evolving
Yampadda-Tliph languages, like Séltísíp.
It developed from a logographic script and developed into an abjad.
Vowels are marked beneath the consonant.


Geography of Yampadda-Tliph

The Yampadda-Tliph languages are native of Old Jonsello and are spoken in the area from
the Strait of Yampadda to the Tliph Desert.
The Proto-Yampadda-Tliph language, K'éptísíp, was spoken by the K'éptísmë people.
They originated from the Steppe Belt separating the Tliph Desert and the realms of the Wɑrumɑ people, with whom they had early contact.
The language split into three different branches.

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