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language of the Čā in ancient times, now spoken by most inhabitants of the countries of Jonsello

Käntwo: Meine Arbeiten

Käntwo script

The Käntwo script is an alphabetic script written from left to right.
It's partly inspired by the Brahmi script of India
but also by some different conscripts, I had created earlier.
It is used in all aspects of everyday life:
administration, poetry, casual usuage etc.

Yogo cooking video

Here you can see me cooking a Yogo wrap,

which comes from Čā, a country in Old Jonsello.

They speak the Western dialect of Käntwo.

Try it out!

Käntwo: Video

Bacterium in Käntwo

  1. χanit - pilus

  2. χozan - inclusion

  3. šūnahēt - cell wall

  4. šūnasoror - cell membrane

  5. rasanos - plasmid

  6. pāmspētakar - polysome

  7. yaraštorš - DNA

  8. *sororsonayos - invagination

  9. sisay - flagellum

Käntwo: Bild
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