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The 47 families of the People Beyond the Clouds

The 47 families of the People Beyond the Clouds were registered and given names describing their appearance and their mysterious background.

Here is a list of the family names of these 47 families:

1. Welgkäskar - cloud stormer

2. Birquīnu - lightning eye

3. Ayōr - bronze skin

4. Niwerō - bolt eagle

5. Erōīno - eagle eye

6. Dyauwožan - child of Dyauwos

7. Pelsadēm - one with an expression as deep as the sea

8. Lykokosa - light plait

9. Galēnis - tranquil sea

10. Awirskakar - air jumper

11. Legwopāttār - light wing

12. Nakkizilor - important servant

(to be updated)

(more information on the People Beyond the Clouds can be found at "Conworld")

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Both names derive from the language of the original inhabitants of the islands. Ulijēy comes from “ulij” (fog) + “ēj” (island), while Bilēy means something like “the distant island” (“bìl” meaning “fa